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Are you an employer and would you like to collectively join the Overseas Social Security? First of all, you need to organise your own affiliation with an application for collective participation. As soon as you are affiliated as an employer, you make the requests for your individual employees.

First affiliation as an employer

First read our Brief manual for collective affiliation (in French)(.pdf-New window), and then send us the completed Application for collective participation (model 7 form – in French)(.pdf-New window). You are then affiliated to the General Scheme.

Would you also like to offer your employees supplementary insurance?

Signing up a member of staff

For each employee that you sign up to the General Scheme, you send us:

For each member of staff for whom you have taken out a supplementary insurance policy Medical Care, send us a Application for insurance policy Medical Care (form model 10 – in French)(.pdf-New window).

Declaring and paying contributions

Declaration of monthly or quarterly contributions (model 5 form – in French)(.pdf-New window)

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