Why should I join the Overseas Social Security?

Enjoy the benefits of Belgian social insurance while working in a country that offers little or no social security. Your affiliation to the Overseas Social Security also ensures that your years of service outside of the European Union and Switzerland count towards your pension in Belgium and the EEA.

With the Overseas Social Security basic package:

  • you build up a pension,
  • you are insured against sickness or invalidity, and
  • you have the back-up of a deferred healthcare insurance.

Extend the basic package to suit your needs, with these insurances:

  • healthcare,
  • occupational accidents, and
  • accidents in your private life.

An affiliation to the Overseas Social Security is not compulsory: it is up to you to decide if you find it useful.

Who arranges your affiliation?

You can take care of your own affiliation as a private individual.

It is also possible for employers to offer an affiliation to the Overseas Social Security as an advantage to their employees. This is the collective affiliation.

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