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Nationals of the United Kingdom

Rights acquired on 31/12/2020

All rights acquired by United Kingdom nationals on 31/12/2020 will be maintained. All accrued rights will continue to be acquired and current pensions and benefits will continue to be paid.

If, as a UK national, you are a member of the Overseas Social Security scheme on 31/12/2020, you can continue to participate.

Affiliation as from 01/01/2021

You are a UK national and you wish to (re)join the Overseas Social Security scheme after 31/12/2020. This is possible in certain cases. Please contact for this purpose overseas contact through the number +32 2 509 90 99 or through the following address: overseas@onss.fgov.be

Change in the situation after 01/01/2021

If your personal situation changes after 01/01/2021 (nationality, country of residence, …), you should inform us immediately so that we will be able to advise you correctly about your new situation.

EEA and Swiss nationals in the UK

Acquired rights

Your rights are insured if you reside in the United Kingdom.

For EEA and Swiss nationals, nothing will change in terms of acquired rights (pension, benefits). They will continue to be paid if you reside in the United Kingdom.

Affiliation as from 01/01/2021

If you are going to work in the United Kingdom as from 01/01/2021, you cannot affiliate to the Overseas social security system. You will be compulsorily affiliated to the British social security system.

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