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Would you like to join the Overseas Social Security on an individual basis? Then please fill out the online form Application for individual participation(New window).

For additional information about individual affiliation and the applying conditions, please read the page Become a member or the document General conditions for individual affiliation(.pdf-New window) (in French).


In case you have dependants, you need to fill out an additional form, more specifically the Declaration of income (dependants) – model 8 form(.pdf-New window) (in French). A list of documents you need when adding dependants can be consulted on the page Dependants and waiting time.

Useful documents

Here you find some documents that might be useful for you application, depending on your specific situation :

Are you an employer and would you like to collectively join the Overseas Social Security? First of all, you need to organise your own affiliation with an application for collective participation. As soon as you are affiliated as an employer, you make the requests for your individual employees.

Collective affiliation

To join the Overseas Social Security of the NSSO collectively, you need to fill out a number of online forms and/or documents.

Affiliation to the General Scheme

Fill out the online form Affiliation Entreprise(New window).

Affiliation to supplementary insurances on top of the General Scheme

In case you would like to offer your employees additional insurance for Medical Care or Workplace and private life accidents, please tick the required boxes in the above mentioned online form.

For the Workplace and private life accidents insurance you also need to fill out the insurance proposal for collective Workplace and private life accidents.

Signing up a member of staff

For each employee you want to sign up, please fill out the form Affiliation Entreprise – add employees(New window).

Has your company signed up for supplementary insurance? In that case employees having dependants need to fill out a Declaration of income (dependants) – model 8 form(.pdf-New window) (in French). Please bear in mind that consequently additional administrative requirements might apply. This to make sure all dependants can benefit from the supplementary Medical Care insurance. More information on this can be found on the page Dependants and waiting times (in French).

Declaring and paying contributions

Fill out the Declaration of monthly or quarterly contributions (model 5 form – in French)(.pdf-New window).



Medical care and reimbursements

Medical care

Sickness and invalidity

Workplace (or private life) accident

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