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You can insure yourself retroactively by paying a so-called 'instant premium' . This way, after the facts, you cover periods for which you have not made contributions. With this payment, you can also increase your past contributions – and therefore also your pension.

There are two conditions:

  • you can only pay the premium for the basic package, and
  • you have worked outside the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom during the periods which must be retroactively covered.

Calculate your 'instant premium': complete the form Request to calculate an instant premium (in French)(.pdf-New window) and send it to us. You can choose between two formulas: the full 'instant premium', or 9/10 of the premium (without deferred insurance policy for medical care).

Via the 'instant premium' you contribute retroactively to:

  • your retirement pension and survival insurance,
  • your sickness-disability insurance, and
  • your deferred insurance policy for medical care.

The premium applies to all professional activities. You can also pay them as a supplement to previously paid contributions that did not reach the maximum amount.

The premium can only cover the periods during which you met the conditions to join the Overseas Social Security:

  1. you worked in a country outside the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, and
  2. you were temporarily (no more than 6 months) seconded from your overseas post with an A1 certificate of Coverage (page in French)(New window) to an EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom (for these periods you can only pay a supplement), and
  3. you were on contractual leave, and the leave followed immediately after the periods mentioned above, and
  4. you were in a period of no more than 12 months immediately following one of these periods and did not exercise any other gainful activity. (Please note that receiving unemployment benefit is considered a gainful activity).

You can only make payments for periods 'c' or 'd' if they immediately follow a period 'a'.

An 'instant premium' insures you retroactively, but does not relieve you of any waiting time, for example to receive compensation for illness or disability.

With the premium, you can also receive a pension for the years of study after your twentieth birthday.

There are three conditions:

  • you must have performed your first professional activity after your studies in a country where you are eligible for the Overseas Social Security,
  • you have attended complete studies in full-time education, and
  • you must pay the 'instant premium' within 15 years of your first participation in the Overseas Social Security.

For employers

As an employer, you can offer employees (EEA nationals, unless you have a registered office in Belgium) who have worked outside the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom retroactive affiliation to the Overseas Social Security.

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