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Have you had an accident at work, or on the way to or from work? It can happen. Our supplementary insurance policy for Workplace accidents will cover all possible costs that arise with this kind of accident. If you are long-term incapacitated for work, you will also receive a daily allowance.

Because you are an expat, we count the journey to and from your country of employment as a 'way to and from work'.

For accidents that are unrelated to your work, we offer a supplementary insurance policy Accidents in private life. It covers most accidents that are not workplace accidents.

Which costs are covered by the insurance policy?

From the day of the accident, we will reimburse the following costs:

  • transport costs,,
  • medical costs (medicines, but also hospitalisation costs, surgery, prostheses, etc.), and
  • repatriation costs. These costs must be reasonable, related to your accident, and the Overseas Social Security must have explicitly acknowledged them.

Incapacity for work

Are you incapacitated for work for more than 30 days after your accident? Then from day 31 you will receive a daily compensation amount. If your incapacity for work is long-term, the compensation amounts are granted proportionally, based on the percentage of your incapacity for work and the compensation formula you have chosen.

Fatal accident

In the event of a fatal accident, the Overseas Social Security pays a contribution to the funeral costs. Your surviving spouse and orphans, or sometimes your parents, are paid annual interest. These benefit payments can be cumulated with the survivor's pension and the orphan's pensions of the basic package.

Who is entitled to these supplementary insurance policies?

You are entitled to take out a supplementary insurance policy for Workplace accidents if you are a salaried employee.

In order to take out the insurance policy Accidents in private life, you also need to have taken out the insurance policy for Workplace Accidents.

As a reminder: you must have the basic package in order to take out this contract.

How much does it cost?

Your contributions depend on:

  • the compensation formula which you or your employer have chosen. There are 7 different formulas, and
  • the level of risk we assess, based on the nature of your work, among other things.

For Accidents in private life you contribute according to the same compensation formula that you have chosen for your insurance policy for Workplace accidents.

Monthly contribution Workplace accidents according to risk factor
Formula 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
No data available

For example:

Julien chose formula F. Depending on the information received, the NSSO estimates the risk at factor 5. Julien has to pay euros per month.

Monthly contributions Accidents in private life
Formula Contribution in euro
No data available

How much do you receive in benefit payments?

The amounts of all benefit payments depend on the formula you have chosen.

Temporary incapacity for work
Formula Daily compensation amount from 31st day of incapacity for work
Long-term incapacity for work: annual compensation amount per % disability
Formula 0-35% disability 35-65% disability More than 65% disability
No data available

For example:

Frank has 32% disability. If he has chosen formula D, he receives x 32 = euro per year. If he has chosen formula X, he receives x 32 = euro per year.

If the victim's condition requires the assistance of a third party, this allowance will be increased by a maximum of 50%.

Other compensation
Formula Funeral costs Annual interest surviving spouse Annual interest half orphan Annual interest full orphan
No data available

How do you apply for an intervention?

You can find all forms on the page ‘Workplace accident or accident in private life’.

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