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Complete the affiliation form

Log in with your electronic identity card (eID), itsme, token or the unique code generated by an app in order to use the secure version of the online form. Some details will already be filled out for you.

Are you using the non-secure version of the form? In this case, please keep a scan of your proof of identity ready.

Affiliating someone else

Important for mandatory holders

If you want to complete the affiliation form as a mandatory holder for someone else, you must provide us with a power of attorney (in french)(.pdf-New window) signed by the policy holder. Attach a scan of the power of attorney to the affiliation form.

Add dependants to Medical care insurance

If you subscribe to a supplementary Insurance policy for Medical care, you can add dependants to the policy. To do so, you need to complete the online form.

Continue to the form Affiliation – Dependants(New window)

Upon completing the affiliation form you might be requested to add documents. Consult the page Adding a dependant to check which documents to prepare. Although you can complete the form without enclosing all required documents, you should bear in mind your affiliation request will only be processed once all required documents are enclosed.

Once affiliated: let’s stay connected digitally, wherever you are!

Are you about to leave for another country, or have you already left, with an Overseas Social Security affiliation in your pocket? Wherever you are, we would like to stay in touch with you in the best possible way. And since you might be far away, the most secure and practical way to stay in touch is digitally. Being digitally connected will give you swift access to all online services we provide.

Quite challenging? Not really! All you need to do is activate your digital keys and your My eBox.

Activate your digital keys (eID/itsme)

You can get digital access using your eID, or even easier with an itsme account.

  • eID: you only need an electronic identity card and a card reader to have access to the Overseas Social Security services anytime. Don’t you have an eID, is it not actif, or did you forget your personal PIN code?
    Then you should get in touch with the municipal services in your place of residence while still in Belgium.
    Already moved abroad? Get in touch with a nearby career consulate or embassy, or check the page Identity card for Belgians living abroad on the Foreign Affairs website of the Belgian Government(New window).
  • itsme: activate your itsme account. This can be done in different ways. Some banks allow creating an account using your bank card, bank card reader as well as a smartphone with a Belgian telephone number. You can also create an account using your eID card reader and eID. Check the itsme website(New window) to get started. Once activated, you can get access to the online services in an instant.

Activate My eBox using your eID or the itsme-app

My eBox is your personal digital mailbox allowing you to receive and manage documents from various governmental bodies in a secure way. An excellent way for expats to stay digitally connected! All that is needed to activate your My eBox is an electronic identity card (eID) or an itsme-account. Check out the My eBox website (In French)(New window) to activate your mailbox. Once done so, you’re all up and ready to receive the documents you need.

My eBox is safer than a common e-mail address

Are you in the habit of using e-mail to receive all correspondence from the Overseas Social Security? Then we still advise you to activate My eBox, because it is a safe way to receive your personal information digitally. Not only on behalf of the Overseas Social Security, but from several other official bodies. My eBox will be the place to manage all your government documents.

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