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At the Overseas Social Security, you decide for yourself what contribution you pay for the basic package. However, there is a minimum and maximum amount.

Important: most of what you contribute for the basic package is used to finance your pension. Use our simulation tool to calculate how much pension you will receive for a given contribution, or how much you have to contribute to receive your target pension.

Please note! This simulation calculates your pension based on your future contributions. It does not take past contributions into account.


Enter how much you want to contribute to the basic package (General Scheme or GS), and we will show you what pension that amounts to.

Enter how much pension you wish to receive, and we will calculate how much you have to contribute.

There may be slight differences in rounding between the two simulations.

The calculation will be made according to the new rates as in force since . The index used is the one from . These calculations are made on the assumption that your monthly contribution stays the same for a full calendar year.

The breakdown in the simulating tool is based on article 17 of the law of 17 July 1963 (in French)(New window) in regard to the Overseas Social Security.

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