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Our insurance policies

An insurance policy with the Overseas Social Security always includes at least the basic package (the 'General Scheme'). You can extend this basic package according to your preferences, with our supplementary insurance policies Medical Care and/or Workplace accidents. The supplementary insurance policy Workplace accidents has a further option Accidents in private life.

Which insurance policies does the Overseas Social Security offer?

Basic package

General Scheme

Our protection closely adheres to the Belgian mandatory scheme, with:

  • a pension
  • incapacity for work, disability and maternity leave insurance
  • a deferred insurance policy for medical care

Optimum protection

Insurance policy for medical care

75% of the costs made abroad for your medical care is reimbursed:

  • worldwide
  • without an annual limit
  • also for dependent family

Insurance policies Workplace accidents and Accidents in private life

The Overseas Social Security covers the following costs:

  • medical costs
  • transport costs
  • repatriation costs
  • an allowance in the event of incapacity for work

Why did our members choose the OSS?

Rooted in Belgian social security

The Overseas Social Security is a legal system anchored in the Belgian social security system. As such, you benefit from significant advantages when you join.

Continuity on return to Belgium

Are you returning to Belgium? Then it is a bit like you never left. After all, you have always remained affiliated to the Belgian social security system. That makes it easy to rejoin the Belgian system.

Flexible and very complete coverage

The Overseas Social Security listens to your questions. We continuously test our products and services against your needs. We are also open to cooperation with external partners to enhance our social role

An attractive pension

With the pension insurance of the Overseas Social Security, you save for your own retirement pension. Just like the Belgian pension scheme, our insurance policy also supports your family if something happens to you.

No minimum membership period

Are you planning to work abroad for a limited period? With the overseas social security, this is possible.

Available services with long experience in expatriation

The Frontline is a direct line to experts ready to help you in any situation. We leave no question unanswered.

Contact us at overseas@onss.fgov.be or at +32 2 509 90 99

Make a simulation for your pension and your contributions

Use our simulator to calculate the contribution you need to make to receive to the pension you wish to have. Or conversely, enter a contribution and see what pension it generates for you.

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