Frequently asked questions

For employers

Our insurance policies for companies are comparable to those for private individuals.

The basic package:

  • pension,
  • incapacity for work/disability/pregnancy, and
  • deferred insurance policy for medical care.

The supplementary insurance policies:

You enter into a collective contract with the Overseas Social Security. In this, you decide whether you only offer the basic package or possibly also supplementary insurance policies. It is also possible to insure only one employee.

To a large extent, you choose the amount of the contribution yourself.

For the basic package, you pay a contribution of between and euro every month. The amount of the contribution determines the amount of your employee's pension. Use our simulation tool to find out which contribution provides which pension.

The contributions are broken down as follows:

  • 70% goes to finance the retirement and survivor's pension, according to the principle of personal individual capitalisation.
  • 20.5% goes to finance solidarity services such as indexation.
  • 6.90% goes to finance the deferred insurance for medical care.
  • 2.60% goes to finance sickness and disability insurance.

About contributions

No. Just like the pension, the contributions are linked to the index. It is therefore dependent on the cost of living. The moment at which it changes is therefore unpredictable. In recent years it has been adapted about every year and a half.

Contributions to supplementary insurance contracts are never tax deductible.

However: have you kept your domicile in Belgium, do you pay your taxes there, and are you individually affiliated with the Overseas Social Security? Then you can deduct your contributions from your taxable income. Upon request, the Overseas Social Security will provide you with a certificate to that effect. The final decision on the deductibility of your contributions lies with your tax office. So it is best to contact your local tax office for a definitive answer.

My pension

The amount of your retirement pension depends on:

  • the amount of your contributions,
  • the number of years you have paid contributions,
  • the age at which you begin to make your contributions, and
  • the age at which you go on your pension.

Use our simulation tool to get an idea of which contributions provide which pensions.

At 65 years of age.

You can also retire early, from the age of 60, but then your pension will be reduced proportionally.

More about the retirement pension of the Overseas Social Security

The survivor's pension is based on the amount of the pension of your deceased spouse. It depends on various factors, including the age difference between the spouses.

More about the survivor's pension of the Overseas Social Security

Maternity and paternity

No. The scheme for paternity or adoption leave has been introduced in the Belgian sickness scheme, but does not apply to the Overseas Social Security.

Maternity leave under the Overseas Social Security can be granted for a 15 weeks: 7 weeks prenatal and 8 weeks postnatal leave.

Under the Belgian sickness scheme, you are in principle obliged to take your prenatal rest from the 7th day before your expected date of delivery. This obligation does not apply for the Overseas Social Security.

Supplementary insurance policies

The sickness and disability insurance entitles you to a benefit payment as soon as you are incapacitated for work. With the supplementary insurance contract Accidents in private life, you will also receive a daily allowance from the 31st day of incapacity for work.

The sickness and disability insurance reimburses the costs of medical care according to the NIHDI scales. With the supplementary insurance contract Accidents in private life, these costs are reimbursed in full, as will the transport and repatriation costs resulting from your accident. In addition, there is also an allowance in the event of long-term incapacity for work and, in the event of death, cover for the funeral costs and an annual stipend for the beneficiaries.

You are protected by the Overseas Social Security in the following countries:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. South Africa
  3. Albania
  4. Algeria
  5. Andorra
  6. Angola
  7. Antigua and Barbuda
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Argentina
  10. Armenia
  11. Australia
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Bahamas
  14. Bahrain
  15. Bangladesh
  16. Barbados
  17. Belize
  18. Benin
  19. Bhutan
  20. Belarus
  21. Burma
  22. Bolivia
  23. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  24. Botswana
  25. Brazil
  26. Brunei
  27. Burkina Faso
  28. Burundi
  29. Cambodia
  30. Cameroon
  31. Canada
  32. Cape Verde
  33. Central African Republic
  34. Chile
  35. China
  36. Colombia
  37. Comoros
  38. Republic of the Congo
  39. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  40. Cook Islands
  41. North Korea
  42. South Korea
  43. Costa Rica
  44. Ivory Coast
  45. Cuba
  46. Djibouti
  47. Dominican Republic
  48. Dominica
  49. Egypt
  50. United Arab Emirates
  51. Ecuador
  52. Eritrea
  53. United States
  54. Ethiopia
  55. Fiji
  56. Gabon
  57. Gambia
  58. Georgia
  59. Ghana
  60. Granada
  61. Guatemala
  62. Guinea
  63. Guinea-Bissau
  64. Equatorial Guinea
  65. Guyana
  66. Haiti
  67. Honduras
  68. India
  69. Indonesia
  70. Iraq
  71. Iran
  72. Israel
  73. Jamaica
  74. Japan
  75. Jordan
  76. Kazakhstan
  77. Kenya
  78. Kyrgyzstan
  79. Kiribati
  80. Kuwait
  81. Laos
  82. Lesotho
  83. Lebanon
  84. Liberia
  85. Libya
  86. North Macedonia
  87. Madagascar
  88. Malaysia
  89. Malawi
  90. Maldives
  91. Mali
  92. Morocco
  93. Marshall Islands
  94. Mauritius
  95. Mauritania
  96. Mexico
  97. Micronesia
  98. Moldova
  99. Monaco
  100. Mongolia
  101. Montenegro
  102. Mozambique
  103. Namibia
  104. Nauru
  105. Nepal
  106. Nicaragua
  107. Niger
  108. Nigeria
  109. Niue
  110. New Zealand
  111. Oman
  112. Uganda
  113. Uzbekistan
  114. Pakistan
  115. Palau
  116. Palestine
  117. Panama
  118. Papua New Guinea
  119. Paraguay
  120. Peru
  121. Philippines
  122. Qatar
  123. Russia
  124. Rwanda
  125. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  126. San Marino
  127. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  128. Saint Lucia
  129. Solomon Islands
  130. Salvador
  131. Samoa
  132. São Tome and Principe
  133. Senegal
  134. Serbia
  135. Seychelles
  136. Sierra Leone
  137. Singapore
  138. Somalia
  139. Sudan
  140. South Sudan
  141. Sri Lanka
  142. Suriname
  143. Eswatini
  144. Syria
  145. Tajikistan
  146. Tanzania
  147. Chad
  148. Thailand
  149. East Timor
  150. Togo
  151. Tonga
  152. Trinidad and Tobago
  153. Tunisia
  154. Turkmenistan
  155. Turkey
  156. Tuvalu
  157. Ukraine
  158. Uruguay
  159. Vanuatu
  160. Vatican
  161. Venezuela
  162. Vietnam
  163. Yemen
  164. Zambia
  165. Zimbabwe
  1. Abkhazia
  2. Northern Cyprus
  3. Kosovo
  4. South Ossetia
  5. Western Sahara
  6. Taiwan
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