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Are you an employer and do you want a collective contract with the Overseas Social Security for your employees? You can make the request easily online. Once you own a collective contract, it’s easy to add new employees.

Applying for the collective basic package

Applying for the collective basic package of the Overseas Social Security for your employees, you need to fill out the online form “Affiliation company”(New window).

Adding one or more supplementary insurances

Do you want to add an supplementary insurance for Medical Care or Workplace accidents and Accidents in private life? You can indicate this immediately on the online form for the collective basic package. If you already own the basic package, you can add the supplementary insurance afterwards through the same online form.

Please note: you cannot apply for the insurance “Accidents in private life” without the “Workplace accidents” insurance.

Adding new employees

You can add an employee to your collective contract at any time. Just fill in the online form Affiliation – Add employee(s) to a company contract(New window).

Delete an employee

Do you want to delete an employee from the collective contract? You can do this via the online form Affiliation – Delete or transfer employee(s)(New window). For other personnel movements, you can contact us directly. Our contact details are at the page ‘Contact us’ of this website.

About the supplementary Medical Care contract

Do you have an supplementary Medical Care contract? You or your employees can add dependents themselves. More information about this can be found on the page Adding dependents to your Medical care contract.

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