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Notify us of any change in your personal or professional situation. Are you returning to Belgium, we need to know as soon as possible! Why? Because all these changes could impact your affiliation and your cover.

What if something changes in your contact or other personal data?

Upon affiliating with the Overseas Social Security you have provided us with some contact data, bank details and other personal information. It is important these stay up-to-date at all times. That is why you need to report any change by e-mail or by phone, so we stay on top of things as well.

Make sure to activate your My eBox as well, in case you haven’t done so already. That makes you reachable at all times in a safe way, wherever you are. Check the website My eBox (in French)(New window) to activate your mailbox.

What if there is a change in your professional situation?

Did you get a new role in your company, do you have a new employer or did your working address change?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Are you returning to work in Belgium, another EEA Member State, Switzerland or the United Kingdom?

Contact us as soon as possible, as this will mean you can no longer stay affiliated with the Overseas Social Security. We will gladly help you prepare for your reintegration in the best possible way.

  • Are you affiliated as an individual? Please request the termination of your affiliation using the form Request to cease the application(.pdf-New window).
  • Are you affiliated through your employer? Please ask your employer to get in touch with the Overseas Social Security.
  • Attestation of affiliation: if needed you can obtain an attestation of affiliation. It will provide you the required continuity upon your reintegration in Belgium. Please note! The Overseas Social Security only can give you an attestation after all due payments have been made.

Contact us !

Please check our Contact page for all information on how to reach us.

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