Corona virus: the Overseas Social Security accompanies you

While measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus are in force, the Overseas Social Security has adjusted its services. These are the measures we have taken to be of assistance to you.

Visits by appointment only

The department of Overseas Social Security privileges a treatment of your requests by email or by phone. This is safer for everyone and may save you time as well.

Do you have no choice but to come by? Please make an appointment: call us at +32 2 509 90 99 in order to fix one.

Safety requirements at our offices

In order to ensure a safe situation for you and for our colleagues, we would like to ask you to respect some basic rules.

  • Maintain a safe distance (1.50m).
  • Always wear a protective mask.
  • Come alone if possible. Will you be accompanied on your personal consultation? Please notify the agent with whom you have an appointment, and do this in advance.
  • Come at the agreed hour in order to avoid queues.
  • Follow the instructions of our agents.

We have organized our reception areas in such a way that good hygiene and sufficient distance are guaranteed.

Are you coming by car? In that case, please see to it that you wear your mask as soon as you leave your vehicle. Indeed, the exit of the parking garage leads to the railway building, where you are obliged to wear a mask.

No appointment needed for picking up or handing in a document

Are you coming over to pick up or hand in a certificate or document? In that case, you don’t need an appointment. We are happy to welcome you every workday from 09.00 to 12.00 a.m.

Please send in your medical costs by e-mail

During this period, it is possible to send in your medical costs by e-mail.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Scan the survey of the costs.
  • Prepare the documents you are about to send:
    • Sort in chronological order the medical costs and prescriptions.
    • Check that the invoice is complete, that all pages are joined in the right order, and that they are perfectly legible.
  • Take care that all documents are scanned in the same direction.
  • Send all documents in one single e-mail to the following address: or

Important! Take care to keep the originals of the scanned documents. The NSSO may ask you to send them afterwards.

Are you encountering difficulties to pay your contributions?

Are you encountering difficulties to pay your contributions (general scheme or complementary insurances) due to the socio-economic fallout of the corona crisis?

Whether as an employer or as a private individual, you may ask to postpone payment of your contributions. The deadline of this postponement as stipulated in our regulations is 6 months after the month to which the contribution applies. You do not have to pay interest for delay.

In order to make use of this possibility, proceed as follows:

Do you participate as a private individual, and do you wish to suspend your participation temporarily? That is possible. Please make your request by sending an email to

Once the crisis is over, you simply pick up your participation again. There will be no waiting time for healthcare, even if the suspension lasted for more than 2 months. You must, however, renew your participation within 3 months of the end of the isolation in your country of activity due to Covid-19. All you have to do is make your request to the email address mentioned below.

Our employees will answer your questions and advise you about the best possible solution in your individual situation. Please contact the ‘Client Contact’ service by writing to the following address:

Temporary unemployment

The Overseas Social Security does not comprise an unemployment branch.

Do you normally work outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), but are you now in Belgium, unable to return to your foreign posting? Then you may make use of the system of temporary unemployment through force majeure as a result of the corona crisis. To make that possible, your employer must temporarily suspend your participation in the Overseas Social Security and reattach you to the Belgian firm.

For more information, please consult the FAQ in the COVID-19 Information section on the homepage of the National Employment Office website (in French)(New window).

Increase in the benefits as from 1 March 2020

You should have received a letter by post this month, detailing information about the indexation of the benefits. Because of the current situation, we will publish this information on our website instead.

The benefits under the scheme of the Overseas Social Security are linked to the index in accordance with the evolution of the cost of living through the fluctuations of the health index. The average of the health index of the four last months has reached the pivotal index on 29 February 2020.

As a result, the gross amount of the benefits will be increased on 1 March 2020 by 2%.

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