What is changing for you ?

In recent months, the Overseas Social Security service has reinvented itself. The upshot? A service tailored to today's standards. From 9 November, the Overseas Social Security service will work in a more digital and cross-sectoral way.
What is changing for you?

Digital services

In 2019, the Overseas Social Security service carried out a market survey. An important challenge that emerged was the need to focus more on digitisation. From now on, you will be able to complete your application for the reimbursement of medical expenses or a pension online. "Currently, this is still done via 'simple' digital forms," says Bert Strobbe, General Adviser of the AD7, "but in the course of 2021, real online forms will be used, which will also be processed digitally in the website's back end.

The next step in the digitisation process is to link the online forms with authentic sources, including the national register, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO) or our own central database. "Currently, applications are sent via e-mail to the Overseas Social Security, but this is not always safe. That's why these online forms are a safe and reliable alternative".

These are only the first steps towards a more efficient digital service. In the long run, the Overseas Social Security service strives for an optimised electronic service where customers have online access to their complete file.

Customer contact

A customer contact service is set up within the Overseas Social Security service. This includes a Frontline team that will answer frontline questions about the Overseas Social Security. They will answer your questions about the Overseas Social Security's insurance system, the various products and rates, your possible affiliation, practical matters relating to your pension application, the state of your file, etc.

From now on, you can turn to the Overseas Social Security Frontline for your pressing questions about the Overseas Social Security or for the follow-up of your file.


The Overseas Social Security service offers social cover in the field of pensions, disability, healthcare, accidents at work and personal accidents to expatriates working in a country outside the EEA. The handling of all these areas, including the payment of benefits and the unique situation of each expat, requires a customer-focused approach tailored to everyone affiliated to the Overseas Social Security. In order to organise this from now on, we set up the Frontline service.

As we are launching this new service, we are welcoming Sarah Halin, head of the Frontline service within the Customer Contact department. “My team and I will mainly dedicate ourselves to maintaining external relations. We will do this by responding in a customer-oriented way to the questions of (potential) affiliates of the numerous departments of the Overseas Social Security service.”

Sarah Halin

"I was impressed with the multidisciplinary aspect of the job. This allows me to develop a very broad vision and knowledge of the NSSO. We've all been working on this for months. Bring it on!"

SARAH HALIN, Head of the Frontline service, Overseas Social Security, employed since 2009.
Contact details Frontline


With the new service we provide, we also welcome two new account managers. Alain Claessens and Stef De Bruyn will take care of the customer contacts within the Customer Contact department. They will become the point of contact for the (mainly larger) companies that have taken out insurance through the Overseas Social Security. "It's a new challenge where we become the personal point of contact for the employers," says Stef De Bruyn. For Alain Claessens, after a career of 17 years at the Overseas Social Security service, it is a conscious choice to help launch the long-awaited reorganisation and the Overseas Social Security service in general. "After much deliberation, it's finally getting off the ground."

Alain Claessens

"Employers of expatriates can turn to me with their questions. I will also help them in a proactive way wherever I can and provide them the services they require. This means that I will draw their attention to matters that are in the interest of both the Connections Management Department and the employer. For example, while it is important for the department that the monthly contributions are duly made on time, it is also important for the employer, of course, because that way they can avoid any default interests".

ALAIN CLAESSENS, Account Manager Connections Management (Team 1), Overseas Social Security, employed since 2003.
Stef De Bruyn

"As an account manager, I am the point of contact for employers and I am also team leader. In order to excel in these two areas, I want to have a close-knit group of people around me, who have one goal: providing a flexible service tailored to the needs of all employers. This is what I aim for, thanks to the best possible and flexible deployment of everyone in the team. Then when someone suddenly threatens to drop out, the team can pick up the slack."

STEF DE BRUYN, Account Manager Connections Management (Team 2), Overseas Social Security, employed since 2010.
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